Yuvna Kim – Recent Work


I recently had the opportunity to shoot the stunning collection by Yuvna Kim – Maison De Couture.  The most delicate of laces in the richest reds, and encrusted in jewels, embroidery, and chiffon embellishments, it’s no wonder her designs are an international hit with celebrities on the red carpet.

In a Haze – Atomic Tips


I get asked a lot ‘how do you get that hazy summer look to images?’…  Here’s how to without post processing:

1.  Forget all the usual rules about the light facing your subject.

2. Check when the sun is rising or going down – and get yourself out around 40 mins before that time.

3. Place your subject between the sun rise / sunset and yourself, with the sun behind the subject.

4. Play around with your settings to achieve the type of haze you want – the above image was taken around 20 mins before sunset in Paris, with a shutter speed of 1/125, and f5.0 and no flash.  You could use flash to achieve a more halo effect around the subject, or increase your ISO to create a bright ethereal effect.

5.  Have fun breaking the rules!  Shoot using the settings YOU like the results from 🙂

Happy shooting!

Girly camera bags!!!

541225_10151171397704590_2144352674_nStylish and practical camera bags are far and few between – for years I’ve been making my own bag inserts and hiding my camera gear in oversized bags from M&S and Accessorize!  But recently, there is more on the market for us gals who want to keep our gear safe, and be stylish at the same time.

Epiphanie (see the Lola bag in Turquoise above), and Jo Totes (see the Gracie bag in magenta below) in the USA are my favourites by far!  They have gorgeous styles, and Cosy Cameras is a UK stockist offering lots of luscious designs from across the globe…

I ordered myself 2 bags today…  Well c’mon, one wouldn’t be enough…