Royal Kink Editorial by Atomik Photography for Gilded Magazine


I loved this shoot from a few weeks ago I did at Bayham Hall in Kent, UK.  Our amazing creative team are the reason I’ve been able to capture these images, so massive shout out to:

Chantal Mallett for her corseted gowns, skirts, and amazing jewellery;  Yuvna Kim for her stunningly ornate dresses; Sonata Rapalyte for the intricate lingerie; Suki Miles (superstar!) on hair and make up; our stunning models Kimi and Roxanne; and finally our wonderful friends and hosts, the Cooke family at Bayham Hall.

Going for dramatic regal fashion shots, we added a slight touch of kink to it all, and were really excited to be published in the Royal issue of Gilded Magazine.

Keep an eye out for more dramatic fashion shoots from me 🙂

Recent Works – Menswear Fashion Editorial


I mostly shoot women for beauty and fashion editorials, so was delighted to work on a menswear editorial with Yash @ MOT Models, make up artist Halimah from H-Beauty, and Styling by CreateMe Stylists.  Enjoy!

Royal tumble – Atomik Style


It’s normally the catwalk models who are famed for their fashion falls, and tumbles – but it was the photographer i.e. ME, who took a royal tumble on Saturday – spraining my toes, wrist, and cutting up my knees and hands!

My little daughter was with me, and I was carrying too much photoshoot related luggage, so didn’t see the height of the curb (damn it I can’t even sue anyone!).

Post fall, my first thought was ‘Is my daughter ok?’, and the second was ‘Is my gear ok?’.  As it happens, my camera was just fine, as was the lens, but I fell on it so there is a Canon 5D Mk3 outline imprinted on my stomach!

My gear is luckily insured, but I was surprised at how many fellow photographers aren’t insured…  I’m sure they are surprised that I didn’t carry all my stuff in a roller-case, so I guess we’re even!

For those of you interested, here are a few insurance products for photographers:

Hiscox Insurance




I’d avoid making any recommendations – do your research and pick what suits you.  Most of all though, don’t be a clumsy clutz like me, and just avoid falling down in the first place!


Yuvna Kim – Recent Work


I recently had the opportunity to shoot the stunning collection by Yuvna Kim – Maison De Couture.  The most delicate of laces in the richest reds, and encrusted in jewels, embroidery, and chiffon embellishments, it’s no wonder her designs are an international hit with celebrities on the red carpet.