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Atomic Tips – Lightroom Colour Boosting

There’s an easy way to create va va voom in your images through boosting colour – but I’m not talking about flat upping the saturating here…  This tutorial shows you how to boost individual colour groups without tinting the entire image in Adobe Lightroom.

Here is my original image from a recent holiday to Venice with my daughter:


It’s a decent image, but I know from memory, her dress was redder, the water was even more turquoise, and the buildings were a more fiery orange and red.  Now I want to up the colours, but I don’t want to unbalance my daughter’s skin tones, or cause image degradation through a broad brush saturation increase.

The place to boost individual colour groups, is in the Develop > HSL (Hue Saturation Luminance) > Saturation control panel.


Lightroom Menu


HSL Menu


Saturation Menu

As you can see above, we can now boost the saturation of individual colours in the image, and I’ve upped my reds, blues, aqua, orange, and brought down the green a little.  Have a play around with the sliders to achieve the level of boldness you desire.

The Hue mode allows you to alter the hue/shade of the colours, and the Luminance mode allows you to control the lightness or darkness of certain colours.

Finally, I did also do a +9 on overall saturation too to give the following result:


Have fun colour boosting!

In a Haze – Atomic Tips


I get asked a lot ‘how do you get that hazy summer look to images?’…  Here’s how to without post processing:

1.  Forget all the usual rules about the light facing your subject.

2. Check when the sun is rising or going down – and get yourself out around 40 mins before that time.

3. Place your subject between the sun rise / sunset and yourself, with the sun behind the subject.

4. Play around with your settings to achieve the type of haze you want – the above image was taken around 20 mins before sunset in Paris, with a shutter speed of 1/125, and f5.0 and no flash.  You could use flash to achieve a more halo effect around the subject, or increase your ISO to create a bright ethereal effect.

5.  Have fun breaking the rules!  Shoot using the settings YOU like the results from 🙂

Happy shooting!