Having an Epiphanie

Bag Charm Wide Smll

My new Epiphanie Stella bag arrived today – and I’m freakin’ loving it!  What’s not to love?  Lush pink colour – check.  Ample camera equipment room – check.  Looks like a gorgeous designer bag – check.  Cute metallic and diamante camera charm – check.  AND IT’S PINK!

Ok, so after a few deep breaths, I collected myself again, and have taken some shots of it to show you the quality and detailing.  It holds an SLR body, and has room for up to 6 six medium sized lenses / flash guns.  With 2 front pockets, 2 side pockets, and a back pocket, there is plenty of space for batteries, smartphone, business cards, ipad mini etc.

Bag Full Smll

I’m glad there are products geared directly towards the female photographer market, and this is definitely worth the investment.  My only critique would be the white interior (I know I’m gonna get that grubby!), and I’d have preferred black or a deep grey, but hey – did I tell you how gorgeous it looks AND IT’S PINK?

You can grab yourself a Stella too from Epiphanie.

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