Saturday Set Up – Bright and Balanced

SetUp Kellie

A common lighting set up for beauty photography – bright and balanced.

1. Large softbox as key light – Placed to one side of our model Kelly, you can see how the large softbox is throwing a soft even light on the left side of the image.

2. Smaller softbox as fill light – Placed at a slightly closer distance on the opposite side of the key light, the smaller soft box balances the light from the larger softbox giving a bright image that really shows off the make up and colours in the image.

3. Camera settings – Shutter speed 1/125, aperture f5.6, ISO 100.

Happy lighting!


    1. You can find reasonably priced softboxes on ebay – but they are only any use if attached to a decent light. Flash light set ups start around $500, but you could get a continuous light set up with stands and softboxes for around $100. It’s how I started 🙂 You can improvise and use a white umbrella to diffuse your light source..

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