The ‘CV’ for Creatives

CV?  For a creative?  Isn’t that just my portfolio?  NO.  So many times, I see photographers/MUAs/Models in the industry who think a link to their online portfolio or a business card/zcard is CV enough.


Coming from a corporate background, I know the strength and importance of a CV when it comes to resourcing projects, so why as creatives do we neglect this part of our self promotion?  Above is my bio, or CV of types – it’s not a traditional corporate one – well we are creatives after all!  The structure of the bio can be applied to models, make up artists and designers alike.  Hope it helps you think about your positioning.

Structuring a creative bio:

1.  Blurb about yourself – things like where you are based, and why you are in your particular creative field.

2. Your history – what journey have you taken to get to where you are today – not life stories, but interesting facts and insights into you as a person.

3.  What make you different? – something about your style or unique differentiator that sets you apart from the rest.

4. Your published/client history – credentials are important to potential clients, and seeing which other companies or creatives have put their faith in you gives them the confidence to hire you.

5. Your contact details – well duh.

6. Visuals of your work – we are creatives, so design a bio with visuals of your work that show off your work, your style, and your personality!

Happy promoting!

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