The Ink Evangelist


Just a few weeks ago I discovered one of the most beautiful books I’ve ever seen, and thus began my journey of inspiration, admiration, and colouring in.  Yes.  Colouring in.

‘Secret Garden, An Inky Treasure Hunt’ by Johanna Basford is a grown up colouring book of exquisite ink designs.  Combining nature, with Asian art elements, all with a feel of the ornate Victorian era too, Johanna creates the most delicious imagery that captivates the audience.  So much so, my mum totally coveted my copy and I had to go buy some more!

Intrigued by the book, I was even more blown away by Johanna’s portfolio and the clients she’s worked for, from fashion imagery, to music album artwork, to major ad campaigns.  Ok enough gushing, take a look at her amazing work, and indulge the artist in you by getting your own copy of Secret Garden.

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